Pathways from Research to Sustainable Development

Pathways from Research to Sustainable Development – New IHOPE Publication

Two IHOPE SSC members, Anneli Ekblom and Paul Lane, as well as several IHOPE affiliates, are among the authors of a new paper entitled “Pathways from Research to Sustainable Development: Insights from ten research projects in sustainability and resilience”. The paper, published in Ambio February 7th, 2024, examines ten research projects in the Global South to identify challenges from moving research on resilience and sustainability into practical action and policy decisions. In addition to identifying these obstacles the assessment also considers the diverse perspectives of research on sustainability and resilience by drawing links from the projects to all of the UN SDGs. The potential impact of this publication is that by understanding obstacles to transitioning knowledge production to knowledge usage it is possible to make future adjustments to ensure an easier transition from research to practice.

About the authors:
Anneli Ekblom is Executive Co-Director of IHOPE’s International Project Office
Paul Lane is on IHOPE’s Scientific Steering Committee
Linus Munishi, Anna Shoemaker, Colin Courtney-Mustaphi, Rob Marchant, and Rebecca W. Kariuki are researchers in the IHOPE affiliated project Adaptation and Resilience in Eastern Africa.


Scaini, A., Mulligan, J., Berg, H. et al. Pathways from research to sustainable development: Insights from ten research projects in sustainability and resilience. Ambio (2024).


The full paper can be accessed online here. 

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