Student Opportunities

Consult a Researcher

Are you a student, teacher, practitioner? Do you have a question regarding long term environmental changes and sustainability challenges or want advice on readings or information? Then you might like to consult some of our members.

Dana Lepofsky of the Herring School & Clam Garden Network is offering Skype-A-Scientist meetings to answer questions from classes of students.

Anneli Ekblom, Archaeology and Global Environmental history is offering advice on how to incorporate sustainability and environmental history into the curriculum of history (or related nature and social science subjects), as well as historical perspectives on current sustainability issues.

Student Projects

Are you looking for student projects ideas? Below IHOPE researchers list projects where they are looking for students. Note that some project require you to be based in a country/region. 

The Seal debate Sweden: Management of the seal in the Baltic of Sweden is widely debated and a historical overview of seal population numbers and how they have been debated is important. In this Master project you will trace the historical debates when it comes to seal populations and data of seals. You will also interview local fishermen, county boards, nature based tourism operators, and animal rights organisation active either on Gotland or central Sweden. Interested? Contact

Land claims, heritage and conservation, the case of South Africa: This master project will follow the debates and cases of land claims in South Africa in selected areas, touching on questions such as the balance between inclusivity and traditional authority, multiple heritage claims, and potential conflicts/collaborations between conservation and heritage. The large scale land re-allocations that took place in the early-mid 20th century with the creation of tribal homeland resulted in massive displacement of communities and loss of resource rights and access/knowledge of heritage. The new land-law has opened up for legal court challenges and restitution of land. Land areas for instance in conservation areas have been restituted. This study can be done solely as a desktop study or through interviews. Interested? Contact

Internship Possibilities

Looking for possibilities for doing internships in our organisation, with one of our projects or network partners? See advertised opportunities below. All our internships are unpaid unless indicated.

Intern at the IHOPE office: Do you want to participate in developing communications and thematic projects, hubs within the IHOPE programme office? You can be based in Stockholm/Uppsala but also abroad. Contact

Intern at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University: Do you want to be a research assistant in any of our projects relating to Historical Ecology. We work across the world, including Sweden, Meditteranean, Southern Africa and the Pacific with landscape studies (GIS), environmental analyses (pollen, macrofossils), and contestations and debates in conservation and heritage. We are looking for engaged students to learn and contribute to our research environment.

Online tools and Resources

The resources listed below are open-source, run by volunteers and free of charge, so please consider donating to them if you like their services.


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