World Monuments Watch

Invitation to Nominate a Site for World Monuments Watch 2025

IHOPE would like to share with its network the possibility to nominate sites of critical heritage for protection. Through the nomination process a total of 25 sites will be selected by the World Monuments Fund to be on the World Monuments Watch list for 2025. The criteria for selection will be based on assessing places and their value to their communities (past and present) as well as how the site has a critical issue relevant to contemporary global issues such as climate change, unsustainable tourism, or natural disasters.

Nominations can be made through the World Monuments Fund website until March 15th, 2024. This opportunity for IHOPE’s network to assist in directing future preservation efforts is inline with many of our efforts, and we are sure many of our affiliated researchers will find this opportunity interesting.


Nominate a site for World Monuments Watch here. 

Take a look at the IHOPE Project Global Threats to Heritage to see some of our work on the topic.