Affiliate your project to IHOPE

Please fill in the form below to propose your own regional Case Study or Theme for consideration by the  Scientific Steering Committee of IHOPE. Candidate Case Studies and Themes will be evaluated by using the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit
  • Clearly defined theoretical and methodological components that include an empirical approach to applying the project’s findings to the future (e.g., planning, policy, modeling, community outreach).
  • For case studies, a strong regional focus that links many knowledge sources (e.g., academic disciplines, local communities, students)
  • Clear evidence of collaboration beyond a single institution, department, or center (this is meant to ensure that a single research group does not dominate a region; a good collaborative example is the Maya/Yucatan Working Group, which connects several independent, ongoing research projects).

All candidate projects should provide the following:

  • Contact information
  • Project title and a 30-word summary
  • A longer project description (2-3 pages) and any other relevant information
  • Key Publications
  • Major collaborators and affiliated institutions

Fill in the following form making sure to name the project you want to affiliate. Then attach the project plan (with information required) including the information required using the following form.