TerraNova’s mission is to develop an unprecedented digital atlas of Europe compiled by an interdisciplinary group of researchers that combine human population patterns in the past, plants and disturbances, animal development, and climate change.

The TerraNova project aims at improving our diachronic long term understanding of landscape histories and land use strategies in Europe in the Holocene and Anthropocene. Previously identified socio-cultural transitions and the effects of natural phenomena will be critically assessed in a new intellectual interdisciplinary arena created by the TerraNova project. Regional and continental syntheses will be used to anchor a new generation of landscape and climate change models which include the effects of past human actions and generate scenarios for landscape management and rewilding. TerraNova is The European Landscape Learning Initiative that trains 15 PhD candidates in landscape histories and futures.  See the individual descriptions of the PhD projects here PhD Projects – TERRANOVA (terranova-itn.eu)

Also see the trailer Many Voices, One Vision made by the TerraNova PhD students: