Title of the project: CROSSLAND. A new cross-disciplinary framework for studying the landscape over the long term.

Grant: Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 – Strategic Partnership for Innovation in Higher Education

Project description:

CROSSLAND is 3-year international collaboration among scholars engaged in the study of landscape and land use dynamics from different disciplines and perspectives.

The Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University is the Coordinator of the project, and the project partners are:

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Faculty of Humanities and Spinlab (Vrije University, The Netherlands)

Land Laboratory (LaboraTe) – University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Department of Agriculture and Forestry Science (Universita´ di Palermo, Italy)

The project intends to develop and test a new pedagogical framework for teaching geospatial analysis to postgraduate students and early career researchers coming from humanities and social sciences.

With a specific focus on the crossdisciplinary applications of object-based analysis and modelling, the final scope of CROSSLAND is to provide young researchers with new conceptual and practical tools to better investigate complex systems, while bridging the divide between humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Duration: 2020/09/01 – 2023/08/31