Scotland’s Changing Coastline Online Seminar  – June 8th

Scotland’s Changing Coastline Online Seminar – June 8th

Swedigarch, the Swedish National Infrastructure for Digital Archaeology, is hosting an online seminar on June 8th at 16.00 CET. The seminar is a part of the recurring events Swedigarch holds, and the speaker will be Tom Dawson from the University of St. Andrews.  The talk focuses on Scotland’s changing coastline and how a range of methodologies are used by different actors in order to survey, analyze, and take actions towards changes. The creative approaches of the highlighted projects work to identify at risk heritage sites so that future changes and damages can be mitigated. One of the major challenges is that no single group is responsible for protections against coastline changes, meaning that the collective actions presented are especially important for understanding how preserving a geographically broad landscape can be undertaken by both community members and heritage experts.

The seminar is interesting for anyone working with coastal environments, climate change mitigation, and heritage management, as well as other fields. Swedigarch invites you to join the seminar about Scotland’s Changing Coastline via Zoom from 16.00 – 17.00 (CET) June 8th, 2023.

More information and the link to the seminar can be found on their website. 

Tom Dawson is an archaeologist and Principal Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews. For the past twenty years, Tom has been leading a research team recording the effects of coastal change on archaeological and other heritage sites in Scotland. He has also served as a Commissioner of the organisation that holds the National Monuments Record and was Vice President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.