Models and Scenarios for Future Sustainable Cities

Many of today’s cities are not sited or planned for the long-term. The laboratory of the past is where durable urban forms can be identified, the importance of their supporting regions examined, and their diverse characteristics evaluated for the future.

With support from and in collaboration with the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center in Maryland USA (SESYNC, our 3rd and final workshop, Models and Scenarios for Future Sustainable Cities, took place in October 2019.  The workshops examine how urban form, metabolism, governance, and environmental management ensured continuity of ancient cities. The first workshop compared two ancient regional management strategies to identify relevant data, extract fundamental lessons of durability, and construct a flexible comparative protocol. The second workshop focused on ancient urban forms and their utility for contemporary planning. The third workshop will produce models and scenarios for future sustainable cities that can be offered to urban planners, infrastructure and built environment managers, architects, and elected officials.