LACHES Seminar Monday December 5th with José M. Capriles

LACHES Seminar Monday December 5th with José M. Capriles

Join us on Monday December 5th, 2022 16.00 – 18.00 (Stockholm Time) for the next online seminar in our  LACHES (Latin American and Caribbean Historical Ecology Seminars) series which takes place on the first Monday of every second month, alternating months with our African Historical Ecology Seminars.

The seminar on December 5th features José M. Capriles, Associate Professor of Anthropology at The Pennsylvania State University.

If you’d like to attend please send an email to contact(at) in order to register and receive the zoom link and passcode.

Mummified Parrots and Desiccated Feathers: Exploring the Evidence for Transregional Interaction between the Atacama Desert and Amazonia in Pre-Columbian Times

In this seminar, Dr. José M. Capriles (Associate Professor of Anthropology at The Pennsylvania State University) will explore the archaeological record of tropical birds in the Atacama Desert where colorful feathers and even actual macaws and other tropical parrots have been recovered from various temporal and spatial cultural contexts signaling the persisting significance of these beings for signaling relational wealth.


Dr. José Capriles, is an anthropological archaeologist specializing in environmental archaeology, human ecology and zooarchaeology. His research is focused on how did humans adapt to the changing environmental conditions of the South American Andes and Amazonia during the late Pleistocene-early Holocene transition?, He conducts research in Bolivia and Chile and collaborates broadly with international interdisciplinary research teams. He is also engaged in the preservation of cultural heritage through public outreach and the active participation of indigenous and local communities in archaeological research.