Save Amazonia

Climate change and the ecological destruction of Amazonia put in check the mankind’s future. It’s a worldwide tragedy. See the new book “The Future of Amazonia in Brazil; A Worldwide Tragedy”, published on April 15, 2020 in New York by Peter Lang Publishing, and edited by Marcílio de Freitas and and Marilee Corrêa da Silva Freitas.

The Future of Amazonia in Brazil: A Worldwide Tragedy is a study on the importance of protecting Amazonia, constructing its sustainable development and its articulations with worldwide socioeconomic processes. It analyzes the main contemporary polemics from the perspective of culture and the nature sciences. The authors present the importance of Amazonia and the sustainability to mankind and the planet’s future. They warn governments, politicians, teachers, students, environmentalists and societies in general that its ecological destruction is ongoing. 

The rich diversity of Amazonia’s cultural and ecological heritage needs to be protected. This is a civic duty of every citizen, and should be of special interest to all historical ecologists. Amazonia belongs to us all.

Featured image: By Expedition 29 CrewImage courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space CenterDerivative work including grading, noise removal and hotpixel corrections.: Julian Herzog – ISS029-E-8032, Public Domain,