Social-ecological resilience of freshwater systems in the Anthropocene

The three day international workshop ”Social-ecological resilience of freshwater systems in the Anthropocene” will be held in Nanjing, China, from 8-10th July 2017.

One key objective is to discuss new ideas/evidences, theoretical advancement, and approaches being used for resilience and regime shift in past environment change.

You can find detailed information about the workshops here

Please send your CV and a short statement explaining your expertise in this topic (1 paragraph max) to Dr. Ke Zhang, Resilience and transformation center in China (RTCC). Postdocs and advanced graduate students with documented relevant expertise are encouraged to apply.

Financial support
Local cost including meals, accommodation and transportation at the venue will be provided for all participants. A limited amount of travel support to international participants is subject to a pending proposal. Please indicate on your application if you require travel support.