Landscape Archaeology Conference 2016

The 4th International Landscape Archaeology Conference will be hosted by the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. It will be held at Uppsala University, the oldest university in Scandinavia – founded in 1477 – on 23-25 of August, 2016.

“If the Past Teaches, what does the Future Learn?”

IHOPE’s pivot to the future will be on display in Uppsala on Monday 22nd August 2016, the day before LAC2016 begins.  LAC participants are welcome to attend (for free!), but must register in advance via the LAC conference registration portal. Read more

An excursion to Gamla Uppsala will be arranged during the conference. Post-conference excursions options will include northern Uppland to visit sites associated with the iron industry by Walloon immigrants especially during the 17th century, and the island of Gotland well known for its prominence during the Viking Age and the architectural splendours of Visby – the main centre of the Hanseatic League during the 12th to 14th century. There will also be opportunities to visit various prehistoric sites in Sweden.

Further details concerning the excursions will be posted in February.

Questions regarding abstract submission should be sent to the secretariat at

For questions regarding other matters (e.g. exhibition, venues, and general information) please contact Professor Paul Lane at

We look forward to seeing you in Uppsala in August 2016.

Paul Lane

Professor of Global Archaeology

On behalf of the Local Conference Organising Committe