FINAL DAY for submitting abstracts to WAC-8 Kyoto

Today it is the final day for registering paper abstracts to WAC-8 Kyoto

If you are working in the area of climate change and heritage, and have not already submitted an abstract, please consider submitting an abstract for the session below.

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Session T13-E: ‘Distributed Long-term Observation Networks of the Past’: Using Paleo-Climate and Cultural Resource Data for Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Climate Change

Climate change past, present and future is part of an evolving, intertwined natural and human story tied to the landscape. Cultural resources are invaluable, irreplaceable sources of information about past climate change that inform our understanding of how past cultures interacted with variable environments through time. We conceptualize cultural resources data in this sense as ‘Distributed Long-term Observation Networks of Human Ecodynamics in the Past’ (DONOP). This session will arc from examples of paleo-climate and cultural data relevant to modern climate change issues to the processes and challenges of integrating cultural resources data into current global efforts to address climate change. While cultural resources have always been subject to environmental forces, increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, severe weather and disasters are increasing stresses on sites and sources of data, raising stakes even higher. World archaeologists must act now to plan for, mitigate, and proactively recover archaeological and paleo-climate data before loss from climate change impacts and disasters. This session shares examples, recent progress, and asks: How will we prioritize saving, or sampling of sites before they are lost? How will what we choose to save (and lose) shape how future archaeologists interpret human history? How can we best share climate lessons? What does the past have to offer us in terms of resources for the navigation of the Anthropocene?

Keywords: Paleo-Climate, Climate Change, Resource Management
Session Organisers
Margo Schwadron, US National Park Service, USA (lead)
Marcy Rockman, US National Park Service, USA
Junko Habu, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Institute, Japan
Junzo Uchiyama, Shizuoko Prefectural Government, Japan
George Hambrecht, University of Maryland, College Park
Tom Dawson, University of St. Andrews, UK