Emerging Knowledge Hubs

Networks are a key element in broad interdisciplinary and stakeholder initiatives, as they foster and enhance collaboration among researchers, practitioners, governments, and local communities. While the sharing of knowledge at the regional scale is of central importance, there is also much to learn when unlikely partners join forces to tackle widespread problems.


8Global Environmental Change Threats to Heritage and Long Term Observing Networks of the Past.

The past decade has seen growing world-wide concern for the accelerating impact of environmental change on heritage at the global scale.  Sites and structures that have endured for centuries and millennia are being swept away in increasing numbers around the world. Once destroyed, these resources are gone forever with irrevocable impact on human heritage and archives of scientific data. Unlike damage caused by human action, there is no recourse to “developer pays” strategies for mitigation where wind, ocean, and rising soil temperatures impact thousands of sites at once. The American Anthropological Association’s Global Climate Change Task Force’s official report Statement on Humanity and Climate Change is representative of current international scholarly expressions of urgent concern. Read more here.