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The overarching goal of this transdisciplinary research project is to increase understanding of drivers, patterns, and values of European cultural landscapes and to use this knowledge to develop, test, and…

NABO Seascape Survey

The 2013 Comparative Island Ecodynamics NABO Project in South Greenland doing survey for Norse and Inuit sites in the Qaqortoq area. Read more here

Australian Desert Perspectives

  This project reviews and synthesizes the deep history of Australia’s deserts, charting the development of distinctive Aboriginal societies over 30 millennia. Co-ordinator: Libby Robin Australian National University/National Museum of…

NABO General Meeting 2013

The 2013 NABO General Meeting will be held at the Stefansson Arctic Institute on the campus of University of Akureyri, Iceland. There will be two days of public meetings (all…


NIES initiative Bifrost Research/Arts/Media Project. The first two documentary installations in the series have exhibited in Sigtuna (Nov. 2011), Uppsala (May 2012), Höfn, Iceland (May 2012) and Barbuda (January 2013)….

IHOPE-Europe Modeling Workshop

Uppsala University, August 28-29, 2012.