AFQUA call for session and workshop proposals

The African Quaternary: Environments, Ecology and Humans (AFQUA) have opened a call for session and workshop proposals for the second International Conference and Workshops, held at the National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya from the 14th – 22nd of July, 2018
AFQUA brings developed and developing world researchers together to discuss progress in studies of the Quaternary period (the last 2.6 million years) in Africa, bridging regional divides, and fostering communication and collaboration at both regional and continental scales. Along with talks on subjects including palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology and archaeology, equal time is dedicated to a series of focus groups and training workshops. These include thematic discussions of cutting-edge research topics as well as workshops that introduce and train early career and developing researchers in the skills they need to develop and communicate their science in the modern research environment.
Sessions may focus on any of a range of themes spanning the full spectrum of Quaternary sciences and related analytical techniques. Regional sessions will also be held to showcase the latest research from across Africa. These proposals do not need to be fully resolved at this stage, and can be developed more fully through discussion with the AFQUA Scientific Steering Committee.
The deadline for preliminary session and workshop proposals is the 15th of November, 2017.
If you are interested in proposing a session or workshop, please contact us at:
For more information, please visit the AFQUA 2018 website:, or email us.
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The AFQUA 2018 Organising Committee

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