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The activities of IHOPE are based on four cornerstones: the International Project Office, the Executive Committee, the Scientific Steering Committee and the Senior Fellows. You can read more about who is who in the different committees using the links above.


International Project Office

Carole Crumley, Executive (read more under Executive Committee)

Anneli Ekblom, Science and Strategy, (read more under Scientific Steering Committee) 

Karl-Johan Lindholm, Science and Administration,

Executive Committee

The EC serves as a source and sounding board for ideas that would fulfill IHOPE’s mission:
• IHOPE employs frameworks that integrate perspectives, theories, tools, and knowledge from the social and biophysical sciences, the humanities, and communities of practice.
• IHOPE demonstrates the relevance of the past to the future of landscapes and regions.
• IHOPE examines variables in linked human-environment systems which induce societal resilience or vulnerability.
• IHOPE recognizes that integrated research requires equity, trust, and respect among communities of research and practice.
• IHOPE invites worldwide collaborations and exchanges.


Scientific Steering Committee

The SSC reviews our projects and case studies and ensures their scientific and scholarly quality; spreads the IHOPE message through lectures, contacts, and conversations; links with other research groups and organizations, encourages colleagues to consider applying for IHOPE endorsement; and provides periodic news and views for the IHOPE web site.


Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are called on for assistance with particular research, knowledge communities, funding opportunities, and contextualizing IHOPE in the larger global research network.