Historical Ecology and Applied Archaeology

The Handbook of Historical Ecology and Applied Archaeology  was published in the beginning of 2019, with several chapters by IHOPE members. The book, published by Oxford University Press, is edited by Christian Isendahl, member of the IHOPE-Maya network, and Daryl Stump (University of York, UK) (the book was also published as an online version in 2015) .

The book presents theoretical discussions, methodological outlines, and case-studies describing the field of overlap between historical ecology and the emerging sub-discipline of applied archaeology to highlight how modern environments and landscapes have been shaped by humans. Historical ecology is based on the recognition that humans are not only capable of modifying their environments, but that all environments on earth have already been directly or indirectly modified. This includes anthropogenic climate change, widespread deforestations, and species extinctions, but also very local alterations, the effects of which may last a few years, or may have legacies lasting centuries or more.

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